Vita Cura Facial $60
5 Phase Firming Facial Treatment
Designed to invigorate,lift and firm

Hydramedic $65
Acne Facial Treatment & Deep Pore Cleansing
Deep cleanses ,purifies, and controls existing breakouts while preventing new ones

Four Layer Facial $60
Premier anti-aging treatment
Skin is cleaner, healthier and younger looking.

Hydra Dew Express Facial $45
Express lift moisture mask treatment
Gives skin a virtual lift.

Seaweed Treatment Mask $35
Seaweed Facial on the go
This soothing  treatment improves skin tone & clarity

Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment $26
Facial upgrade $20
Combats signs of sleep deprivation,aging, and environmental damage around the eyes and delivers maximum results in minimum of time.

Lamina Lift Mask $10
De-stress, De-puff, and refresh skin for a more luminous complexion in just 10 minutes.

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